This You Deserve

Dave De Vita

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This You Deserve

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The song in question was written during these last months of lockdown, and was produced entirely thanks to the formula of "telework". A song and a message, in all respects the result of these last months in which the whole world has been forced to stop and reflect on their life choices, on their values.

The single was born following the stop of Dave's activities. In fact, before the arrival of this pandemic, Dave was in the recording studio where he was completing the recordings of the songs for his debut EP. These recordings, however - given the interruption of all activities resulting from the health emergency - had to suffer an abrupt interruption. This You Deserve therefore wants to be a "response", but also and above all a preview (albeit in a more intimate and acoustic guise) of what Dave's album will be. The intimate and harmonious sounds of this single almost seem to be the soundtrack to this historical period, and stem from a need for Dave to give a message of hope, despite the many moments of difficulty. The message that accompanies this single acoustic, therefore, wants to bring a positive testimony. The song tells of the difficulties we sometimes have in communicating what we feel to the people who are closest to us, and who are dearest to us. Thoughts that may seem simple at times, but at the same time seem extremely difficult to share. These thoughts - which we sometimes think do not need to be shared - nevertheless represent emotions that if expressed can make a difference. This You Deserve was produced entirely thanks to the telework formula and was recorded remotely and in the “home” recording studios of the various musicians with whom Dave collaborated. The single was composed by Dave De Vita and was produced and arranged by him, in collaboration with Jonas Macullo (who also played the piano). On the guitars, we find Dave De Vita himself together with Daniel Macullo and Joris Amann. The mandolin parts were also recorded by Joris Amann.

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