From the recordings Drops of Light and Cannibals in Heaven

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Cannibals in Heaven

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You hear a voice of a cannibal singing
“Hey you, I came down to warn you!”
Colors fading, in every little corner of this town

You hear a voice; still feel it in your soul
“Put away your flaws and your essence
They don’t have to find the fears you hide inside”

I don’t know what remains of these cannibals today
Someone told me we should just sit down and pray
Has the taste for the other been lost in the “caught in-between” of this global age?
In these new days where no one's to blame

I cannot change what you wanna see
I cannot change what you wanna be
With your eyes down on the floor, you create your own reality
Now put a smile upon your face and then just give your hand to me
I cannot change the world outside
But I can try to change the future in my dreams

There’s a light buried in my heart
That every day is waiting for someone
Promise me to let it shine
Don’t leave it behind

Run away from those voices in your head
Run away and look for the answer
Find a way to leave a sign
I think it’s worth the time