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Dave De Vita is a Swiss Italian singer, songwriter, and producer.  

His music represents an interesting blend that combines the percussive and "dreamy" side of Pop Rock, with a more modern, poetic, and melodic style, typical of Pop Music.  

Dave has a Master's degree in Music and more than 14 years of experience in the business as a producer, songwriter, and lead singer.  

He also brought his skills in theater, collaborating as composer, actor, and singer on the show Concours Européen de la Chanson Philosophique, recently touring Europe. 

Various noteworthy collaborations, including his participation as a co-lyricist and singer in the realization of the official song of the Youth Olympic Games  (Lausanne 2020), the one with James Blunt as guitarist and backing vocalist for his performance at RTS in 2018, and distant participation in The Voice of Switzerland in 2014 (whose blind audition video surpassed 2 million views on YouTube). 

Dave, together with his new team, is now ready to write a new and crucial chapter in his life: in fact, he started releasing his own new music with which he aims to conquer many hearts. And on November 26th he released his debut EP "Drops of Light".



This You Deserve

Dave De Vita

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This You Deserve

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    This You Deserve

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